Super size me

Being in the web development industry I am always on the lookout for things that do work and indeed also things that do not work. When it comes to website design you usually do not notice good design practices, you simply use the site and move on. It is easier to recognize bad design because you are annoyed or cannot achieve what you want.

One striking example of the latter category I ran into today is the Dutch website of McDonalds. It starts of with an error that my browser does not open a popup. Opening the popup manually a site appears that is full of flash but certainly does not raise my appetite. Striking is what happens when you click “Producten”. You end up in a completely different site where you have to enter your language first (to be chosen amongst the widest selection of UTF-8 characters).

This site has certainly not come about accident and it looks like serious money has been spent on creating it. Is it a bad agency, corporate politics? I do not know.


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