Website performance

There is one thing that all succesfull websites have in common and that is a fast response. Any amount of VC money, hype or design will vaporize when your website does nog give a fast response to your visitor. Wth fast I mean anything below two seconds.

Performance should be on top of mind when you start building. Your 15 nested tables may look nice it does not help in making the rendering faster. Your architecture may have a nice layered structure that looks good on the whiteboard, the real test is when end users hit the site.

A fast website involves doing many things right, but even more so close monitoring and fixing wrong things quickly. A requirement for this is to have close communication between those who operate the website and those who are responsible for making it. Amazon even makes a team responsible for both development and operation (the so called 2 pizza teams).

Read the story about Friendster about what happens if you think performance is a detail. It is not.


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