Yesterday I was at Legoworld a yearly Lego exhibition held in the Netherlands. Like last year just sheer amazement at the amount of time and dedication lego enthusiast put in building landscapes, trains, moon sceneries and more. And amazed at how popular these toys are. Probably now more so than ever because we now have a generation of kids whose parents have played with Lego themselves.

Lego has been wide available for about 40 years now. This means most of the people building IT systems are of this generation. There are similarities building IT systems and playing with Lego. You need technical insight, fantasy, a strong clue of what works and what doesn’t work and above all patience. My guess is that most IT personnel have had extensive experience playing with Lego.

Unfortunately my camera broke so no pictures here. Somebody else uploaded a set of photos to flickr that give a good impression.


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  1. arnoudm Says:

    Just heard a radio atricle on BNR that Lego is so popular that it is almost sold out.

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