Size matters

A little quiz. Which internet company has:

  • the best visited homepage?
  • the smallest homepage?

Right that is Google. I do not think it is a coincidence that both statements go together. Google is the internet king at delivering what their customers want most. Ah but now you say google has it easy since they only deliver one product: search. Not true, google has many services and products: search, mail, rss reader, google devices (the mini), picasa, youtube and so on. For example have you ever seen a press release from Google on their website about the acquisition of YouTube. No it is no where near the homepage of google because the majority of the visitors of Google couldn’t care less.

The internet is about delivering what your visitors are expecting from you. That is what builds a brand on the internet. To accomplish this experience for your visitors define the top things that visitors are coming to your site for. You will find you need only 3 to 5 to cover at least 90% of the visits to your site. Make these pages as easy as possible to find and execute for your visitors. You should spend 90% of your energy in these pages. What is left can be spend on less important stuff. The long tail works on the internet for books and CD’s but not for websites in general: less functionality and clutter means more succes.

A lot of internet projects I have seen trip over the vast amount of functionality and content that must be put online. These internet sites are usually a good reflection of the internals of the company that is building the website: complex. Your visitors are not interested in your company internals and all the beautifull things your company have to offer: they want to get their thing done, whatever that is, and they want to do it quickly.


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