Been tagged

Eventually it had to happen: I have been tagged by Richard Soeteman (long time no see Richard ;-). So here’s five things you probably do not know about me:

  1. I am living together with my Swedish girlfriend and two sons Edwin (4 years old) and Hugo (2 years old)
  2. I have been a regular visitor for 13 years now to same gym in Utrecht: zazen.
  3. I remember the exact moment when I knew programming would become my trade. It was a 5 day porgramming exercise at the university in Delft. Together with another student I had to program a 8088 processor using assembly language. I got the program completely done in 4 days. Nobody  before had ever managed to finish this assignment. And I loved every bit of it. My colleague student was happy watching and getting the grade.
  4. I have worked for 7 employers in 13 years of employment. I guess that makes me a job hopper.
  5. I love baked potatoes.

No I do not do chain letters so I am not tagging anybody.


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