The future of Java

After reading Java 2007: The year in preview some thoughts where the Java future is heading. Being at the JFall last year one thing I did notice that Java is many things to many people. I am involved in web development in Java, other people use Java for different things including programming microwaves, telephone networks, robots, scentific work and so on. So Java and the various Java platforms are a jack of all trades. This also makes it very hard to direct the efforts for the Java language.

Sun has done a bad job of growing the Java platform in a unified way the last 10 years. This enforced the open source community to step in and fill the void. Unfortunately the open source community so far had problems agreeing on one set of standards, so now we end up with many. Time will tell if the situation becomes any better when Sun opens up the language for outside contribution

I have my doubts and have given up hope that the Java community will come up with something substantially better when it comes to building web based applications in Java.


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