The dangers of scripting

Programming is about making choices. How to code something is what bothers most developers day to day. Do I make a class out of this, do I need a factory, to make a variable a configuration item are examples of this how category. The other category of choices is where to put your code. This can the front end tier, your middleware, the database, the operating system and depending on your setting a number of other places.

More often than not you choice is implicit. 95% of what you are writing ends up in the front end or application layer. Sometimes you make a deliberate choice to put functionality elsewhere. For example if you make Java based web application, a stored procedure, a conversion script or a rewrite rule in Apache are all typical examples of pieces of code that go elsewhere than your Java layer.

Some developers make these side steps easily and often, others hate to put things outside the main application layer.

There is a downside to writing code outside your main application layer. It makes your packaging and deployment more difficult, requires more documentation and makes you application harder to understand. The reverse is also true, you should not write things in Java or C# that are much simpler or have higher performance in another layer of your application.

It is about finding the balance between the pro’s and con’s of the choices you make.


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