Project Motivation

Recently during a sales meeting a prospect asked why our company was interested in doing their project. Just before we explained that we had done many projects before, similar in size, solution and objective. A good question; motivation of the people involved is at the heart of the success of a project. It was also a though question to answer on the spot.

The project outcome might be similar to other projects however the setting, objectives and people involved are always different. To me something does not have to be very new in order to make it interesting, there are many opportunities for doing it another way. This makes it interesting and a new learning experience.

Taking the question to software engineering: we are masters in finding new and better ways of solving the same problems. Productivity has increased substantially over the years that I have been involved in software construction. Even though the number of lines of code written per hour has remained the same. Application Servers, coding libraries and other abstractions make that per line of code you can deliver more functionality.

So to give an answer to the prospect: every project is an opportunity. An opportunity to create something worthwhile, interact with people and learn new ways of doing.


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