Developer testing

I sometimes hear: “Developers should not test their own code”. This statement is either made by a developer who is lazy, or by someone who does not have a clue how software development works. Of course you should test your own code and you should do it thoroughly. A quick scan is not enough. Unit tests alone will not suffice. Do a proper test, click like a user would, before your code makes it into a release. And do it again when it has made it into a release. It is a well known that the later in the project an issue is found the more time and money it costs to resolve it. So the best place to find an issue is by the developer.

The reverse is not true either: developer testing is enough. When doing a new delivery make sure a non developer with sufficient domain knowledge does a seperate test. This tester’s job is finding issues that relate to the domain. Where a developer has not understood properly how the application should work, overlooked something or made the right choice.

Finding good testers is not easy. It requires knowledge from the domain, good understanding how to test properly and a thick skin. Oh yes, finding developers who can test their own code properly is equally hard.


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