Every five to seven years a particular group of workers dominate the economy. During the nineties IT people ruled, until last year the business world belonged to accountants and other controlling people. We are now in the age of the designers.

At least that is what I thought before I read Daniel Pink‘s book A whole new mind. I am now convinced that demand for people who design the world around us or in other ways give meaning to our lives is here to stay.

The book A whole new mind is centered around a simple idea. The three factors: Asia, Automation and Abundance will make work that requires predominantly left brain skills go away from our economies. Most left brain work is analytical work and can be done cheaper by a computer or by someone in Asia. On top of that this work does not offer a competitive advantage since it is easy to replicate.

Fortunately the outflow of left brain work is replaced by right brain work, which includes design related jobs. 

The second part of the book is most interesting . It describes 6 aptitudes (Design, Story, Symphony,  Empathy, Play, and Meaning) that determine success in the  right brain future. Each aptitude is described together with many further resources for learning or experimenting with the aptitudes. For a left brainer like me a good learning exercise.


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