Finishing development work

My experience developers usually say something is finished when they finished constructing it and check in the last line of code into the versioning system. Till that point the developer has verified that what they have build works and maybe even written some unit tests for it. I call this the code complete point.

At the code complete point, you still need to verify at that point that what you have build:

  • works under all applicable conditions, through thorough testing
  • actually does what the customer or user expects

Development estimates are usually given to the code complete point forgetting the effort in testing and rework that needs to be done past the code complete point. This difference in perspective counts for most of the project overruns and a lot of customer dissatisfaction.

Either developers should take the above mentioned efforts and rework into account or the project manager should set aside extra time for it. I would count on at least 30% to 40% for this.

For further reading on finishing development and other project do’s and dont’s work see How to fail your next project by GreenDoorServices.


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