Unless you work in a starfish organisation you probably have some responsibility that is part of someone else responsibility and or the sum of the responsibilities of others. If you are an individual contributor you work on something your boss is being judged on, if you are a boss of some sort your responsibility should be for most part delegated to others (otherwise what would make you a boss).

One of the most effective things you can do if you have some delegated responsibility (from your boss) is making explicit you feel responsible. Feeling responsible and actually showing that you feel responsible are different things. The most powerful ways of showing your responsibility is saying sorry when things do not work out as planned. And most of the times in some way or another this happens.

Saying sorry shows you care, you accept your role in the mistake, and you have an intention to do better next time. I am often surprised by the power of that simple word in the right setting.

Showing and taking responsibility makes you stand out.


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