End of navigation tabs?

LinkedIn just upgraded the design of their homepage. I have been a fan of their interaction design and usability. With their clear functional design they set the bar for many other sites. The explosion of profiles and connectedness of accounts on LinkedIn proves that point.

The most surprising fact is that LinkedIn has banned tabs from their new layout. Amazon gradually did the same thing, in stages but with their last redesign last year they were removed completely.

Tabs are visually appealing and when done with the right design and very intuitive to use. Apparently this is not enough, LinkedIn and Amazon both abandon tabs as their primary navigation structure. At sites like these interaction design is well though out so apparently other ways are better to engage users to do stuff on your site.

More closer home, we are about to release an improved design for the BNR Nieuwsradio site, also getting rid of the tabs.

For more information on how to website implement navigation see Patterns of interaction design by Martijn van Welie.


2 Responses to “End of navigation tabs?”

  1. Tom Anderson Says:

    Not sure I understand you, there are tabs on the new site.

    I not impressed with the site, why are they changing something which is just aesthetic and very basic navigation without adding real functionality. Shows poor knowledge consumer behavior/usability if you ask me.


  2. Daniel Says:

    Hey Arnoud, good to see a post from you again. It’s been a while since ‘responsibility’.


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