The effect of testing on quality

Consider the following equation:

buggy release = bad testing

I agree this is true, if you release something for users and it contains many unknown bugs, a closer look at how thorough your testing is would be appropriate.

Turn the equation upside down and you get a second equation:

good testing = good software

In my opinion this is false and is a trap that many people, particularly non developers, fall into. Testing is the art of verifying the quality of software and by doing so at the same time enhancing the quality of that software.

Good testing alone is not enough to produce good quality software. As many studies have found, good quality is the result of doing many small things right and having a process in place that detects failures and takes corrective action.

A good resource that takes many lessons from a the field of manufacturing to the relatively young field of software engineering is Implementing Lean Software Development.


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