Someone in our office put up a print of a really great comic from Eric Burke on the in our coffee room. It makes you laugh and it got me thinking once again how hard good user interfaces are to create.

Now it may seem that Google has it easy, you might argue. Google only deliver one service right? False; Google delivers many services and products, gmail, google news, search appliances to name a few. All of these services compete for space on the homepage. However Google remains focused on delivering the most optimal service 99% percent of their visitors come for. Apple products are known for relentless rigor and effort for getting the user interaction right.

So a classic example of the difference between simple and easy. Easy to use, difficult to create. I once attended a presentation from Gerry McGovern which provided with me a new and fresh look on user interaction design on the web. I recommend reading some of his material if you are interested why some sites work and some seem to get more in the way.


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