About Arnoud

arnoud This is me, Arnoud Martens and this is my blog. I am talking mostly about my work here. At Mirabeau I manage a team that thinks-up, designs builds and maintains online solutions. Mirabeau is a leading Web Agency in the Netherlands. Mirabeau develops in Java and .Net environments and uses a wide range of CMS and other products to built web based solutions. Some of the more well known client references are funda, the dutch real estate website., transavia.com, KLM and Autotrader.

My personal professional interest are around managing teams, IT Architectures, Agile development processes, team dynamics and having fun.

I am an ESTP. You can find more about my professional background on my View Arnoud Martens's profile on LinkedIn.


2 Responses to “About Arnoud”

  1. Lars Gelin Says:

    Hi Arnoud,
    remember me from Munich -92? Just found your blog through Google. I´ll read (some of it) when I can find the time. We seem to have some common interests in software development and agile methods. I’m working for Ericsson
    with software development for the WCDMA network nodes.

    Any contacts with the others from Munich?

    best regards
    Lars Gelin

  2. Becky Says:

    Just found your blog and loved the “Rules of the Garage” photo. Is it yours? Where can I get a copy! Love it! Thanks!

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