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Xobni review

Monday 29 December 2008

xobni-logo1Xobni, inbox spelled backwards, is a outlook productivity plugin. It provides search for contacts, emails and statistics around email. I was skeptical at first, having worked with various alternatives in the past. None got me excited. After trying xobni for two weeks I am a convinced and have deinstalled Windows Desktop Search, the last standing survivor.

Some of the praise from me:

  • Xobni provides search that works. A good search interface has been absent in the Outlook e-mail client. I have looked at alternatives, X1, Windows Desktop Search, better but still not seamless. Xobni is fast, provides a great interaction experience, given the small screen estate it takes.
  • Xobni provides context for the mail you are currently displaying, a short summary of the person that sent you the e-mail, including phone number to remind you that sometimes a call is the best way to respond to an email. And a link to the LinkedIn profile, including photo, to make e-mail more personal.
  • Xobni provides statistics, some handy, some just fun to know. Hayo did you know you are the contact I exchanged most e-mail with (Daniel you are second)? I did not either, but now I know.
  • Xobni provides related conversations to your current e-mail, from the same conversation from the same person, files exchanged. Instead of browsing through my well organized folder structure, I find myself using Xobni to look for and  find archived emails.  
  • Xobni is clearly made with passion. For a software program it has a very human tone of voice. 
  • Xobni is a breeze to install. Within 15 minutes it has indexed all your mail (for me > 1Gb) and you can start.

There are of course drawbacks, it takes screen estate, but with current wide screen monitors for me hardly a drawback. Besides xobni can be collapsed quickly. And best of all xobni is free, now in beta, but they are committed to providing a free service. You can download xobni from the xobni website.

Not convinced yet, watch the video to see what xobni offers: