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Under the fold: using the scrollbar to navigate

Friday 3 October 2008

My girlfriend is swedish and she regularly visits, the most visited news site in Sweden. Apart from looking like an 80’s pinball machine, the aftonbladet homepage has an interesting site concept: you can scroll down and scroll down: it seems to go on forever. Latest news is on the top, and the rest below it. 

Retailers know every story extra above or down entry level costs you 25% of the revenue. I thought the same was true for websites: things under the fold get less attention. And the further down you get the less attention. There must be a cultural element here, casue the Swedes love it. No need to click back and forth, everything on one page. Some sites in Holland exhibit the same behavior for example Not by accident this is a co production with the same swedish publisher from

Some more research on debunking the myths of the fold: Unfolding the fold.