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Larry Lessig at Emerce eDay

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Yes I am back and this blog is alive. For how long? We will see.

Last week thursday was emerce eday. Loads of comments and posts on the web already (DutchCowboys and Frankwatching). For me the day was a success, but not because of the presentations, which were fair at best. Unfortunately the one exception was at the end of the day when the hall was almost empty, so also very little coverage in the blogs. The last presentation was delivered by Lawrance Lessig founder and president of Creative Commons.

The presentation was exceptional in its form, design and delivery. It has substance in looking at the way co-creation and user generated content are transforming our culture. And Lawrence had a point to make: it is ridiculous to talk about copyright when people (mostly kids) assemble things from copyrighted material. Below is a video of a similar but a bit older presentation delivered at TED (well worth the 20 minutes:

If you are interested in good presentation skills: recently two great books on this subject have come out: