viametViamet existed as a company between 1994 and 1998. It was a 100% subsidiary of IBM Netherlands BV. IBM was starting to shift its strategy from a hardware and software business to a services company, Viamet was started to test this strategy. The company was lead by Toine Philippa. Viamet’s goal was to recruit young IT staff, train them and put them to work for IBM and customers of IBM. The company managed to grow to a staff of 250 when IBM decided in 1997 that being a services company was indeed the future and that IBM was better off having all Viamet employees on their own payroll. That was also the end of Viamet BV.

I joined Viamet as part of the first group of 15 employees in 1994. It was a magnificent company to work for, the salary was low, but that was more than compensated with lots of training, inspiring leadership, very good colleagues and excellent work opportunities. I left Viamet in the summer of 1997, to start working for Netscape.

To this day we have a yearly reunion with former employees. If you want to join drop me an e-mail. If you do not have my details, you can connect with me via my LinkedIn profile.

There is also a LinkedIn group for Viamet employees. You can join this group via the link


2 Responses to “Viamet”

  1. Jeroen van Rijn Says:

    Hoi Arnoud,

    Ik heb ook een groep op Facebook aangemaakt.

    Groet, Jeroen van Rijn

  2. Frits Jansen Says:

    VIAMET werd door IBM opgericht om mensen voor IBM te laten werken zonder hun de goede arbeidsvoorwaarden van IBM te bieden.

    Toen de arbeidsvoorwaarden voor “echte” IBM-ers versoberd werden was deze constructie overbodig te worden.

    Dat IBM hiermee de services markt wilde uittesten is bezijden de waarheid.

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